Penny Gross protects
our quality of life.

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An Environmental Leader

As Chair of the Environment Committee, Penny Gross is the leading voice for implementing the county’s 20-year Environmental Excellence Plan to reduce carbon emissions, protect water quality and preserve open space.

Investing In Our Public Schools

Penny knows that quality schools are essential for our children's future and the strength of the local economy. She consistently supports strong funding for Fairfax County Public Schools, school construction and renovation, and competitive salaries and benefits for teachers.

More Affordable Housing

Penny works to expand the inventory of affordable housing in Fairfax County. She supports the Communitywide Housing Strategic Plan as the path to address both the short term and long term supply of affordable housing in our community.

Expanding Public Transportation

Penny works to expand transportation options to reduce traffic congestion and create more walkable communities. She has expanded bus service in our area and has secured funding for constructing pedestrian walkways.


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