Working for Our Future... Today

Working for Our Future... Today


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Supervisor Penny Gross

Supervisor Penny Gross

It is a privilege to serve as your Mason District Supervisor, and I am honored by your support. The job is challenging, but it also is very rewarding as we work together to bring progress and opportunity to Mason District, without sacrificing the safety and identities of our neighborhoods. Together, we have worked to improve education and schools, workforce housing, care for our elderly residents, and address the challenges of traffic, growth, and revitalization throughout Mason District. But we cannot rest. There is more to do…

We must ensure that our students have the resources and skills to succeed in the 21st century economy, that our businesses and services are strong, and that our natural environment is maintained and sustained for future generations to enjoy. I am very proud that, during my tenure, three new schools have been built in Mason District – Glasgow Middle School, Mason Crest Elementary School, and Bailey’s Upper Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences. All three of Mason District’s public library branches have been renovated, Fire Station 18 is being rebuilt, and Fire Station 26 is next in line. New sidewalks and walkways have been installed all across Mason District, along with bus shelters and bike lanes at Seven Corners. But we cannot rest. There is more to do…

The job of being District Supervisor requires commitment, experience, and integrity, to fill the myriad responsibilities that are at the core of public service. At all times, I strive to bring the Mason District resident a compassionate approach to the hard work of government, and I am proud of my service to my community. I ask for your vote of confidence and I pledge that I will continue to foster community, experience, and common sense, because there is more to do…



Penny welcomes volunteers on her campaign from the community who appreciate the good government they enjoy and want to continue moving Mason District forward toward an even better future, click here.


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